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Red Wines :

 The grapes are hand-picked at optimal maturity, and then brought to the winery in small crates in order to keep the whole berries intact. They are then sorted, and partially destemed according to the fruit composition and the vintage. The maceration is controlled by a daily tasting in order extract the best tannins and flavours from the grapes. All our wines are fermented with wild yeast.

The wine is matured in Burgundian oak barrel (228 l) strictly selected for a customized duration for each wine. During this period, we take a great care of the new wine, topping up the barrels every week, in order to preserve the fruit aromas and to age the wine in the best conditions.

The bottling is the final important operation in the wine process. To prepare it, the wine can be lightly fined, or smoothly filtered to save all its qualities. Our stoppers are made from Spanish cork from Estremadura and Andalousia.

The bottle ageing occurs in our XVIth century cellar, which gather the best conditions of temperature and hygrometry.



White Wines :

 Our grapes are handpicked and brought to the winery the same way as reds. They are gently pressed as whole bunches. The must is fermented by wild yeasts in 300 l oak barrels or in tank. These natural fermentations are sometimes tumultuous and long, but it provides complexity and density to the wine. The wine is matured on fine lees until bottling.


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